Make Deals, Get Rich, or Die Trying

A business management life-sim from the creators of RPG Tycoon

Rise from nothing into a trading tycoon and attempt to maintain your wellbeing in the process in Living The Deal, a new fusion of Business Management and Life Sim from Skatanic Studios.


Time is your main resource, so manage it effectively. Will you take an hour to walk to work? Or call a cab and get there fast so you can sneak in a quick breakfast before that big meeting? You won’t be able to focus on your meeting if you’re hungry...


Spend your time poorly and your wellbeing will suffer. We all love money and success, but it won’t end well if you neglect yourself.


Achieve the balance though, and you’ll reap the rewards of a healthy business. Make the right contacts, be smart about your investments and walk away from each business deal with more money than sense. The next question is, will you keep your new earnings in the business or indulge and spend it on frivolous items for yourself. After all, who wants food when you could have the latest video game console?


Living The Deal: Make Deals, Get Rich, Or Die Trying.


Coming Spring 2018

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